Monday, 16 April 2012

Movie Review ~ Dark Flight

Today's post will be more on a movie and personal standpoint rather than a fashion standpoint! Why don't let my readers know more about my personal life! My friend and I went to watch a movie called Dark Flight. It's a thai horror movie and let's see how my movie critics skills go to work!

So the plot of the movie would be like any other horror or ghost revenge horror movie. Hero/Heroine miraculously survives an ordeal where everyone else dies and the ghost/spirits from the past comes back to haunt her. Well the movie was in Thai and I really love Thai horror movies! They make some of the best horror or gore movies it must be said. But I was kind of disappointed with this one. It's very predictable and it seems like they didn't show most of the gore or violence. ( Yes I am a very sadistic person ) So yes it was very disappointing for their high standards. They also tried to mix it up with some humor especially with the gay guy but it was more towards lame then funny. Although I did find myself laughing at the lameness. The script too was very poor, it was like all of a sudden two stewardess "died" well we didn't even know they died actually. There was a lack of flow in the script to show the demise of the people on the plane. So on a whole this movie was just bad but the company I had was fun!! Don't go and watch it. Don't even buy the DVD!

After the movie, my friend, Gina, was like "Ryan! Why you so calm one?! The whole show you never show any expression at all!" Well I told her, "I'm a very practical person, I'm more afraid of what's real than what's not. ( To me I don't believe in ghosts ) And I said I was more fearful of terrorists than ghosts." And I would like to tell my readers a story.

Probably a month ago, on a Saturday, my mom and I were attending a church service. When we approached the seats, we saw a bag in front of us. So I instinctively thought OH NO A BOMB! My mom told me to wait maybe someone was reserving the seat. I waited until one Indian couple came and they sat at where the bag was, they pointed at the bag and were also wondering whose was it. So I thought, shit it ain't theirs, it must be a bomb! I told mom we should go to the back because when the "bomb" exploded we would be the first to die. Halfway through service, a suspicious looking person with full beard just walked out of mass. He put on a cap and a sunglasses and was headed for the exits. And yea I was like THAT'S THE TERRORIST. And I'm like panic mode "ON" My mom told me to watch him and suddenly he pulled out a cellphone. HE'S GOING TO DETONATE THE BOMB. I quickly grabbed my mum and followed him I kept telling her he was going to flee the scene before setting off the "bomb" So...We followed him to the bus stop, there he stopped and lighted a cigarette and he just stood there. So for a moment my fears were calmed and we went back for mass. After mass ended, there was still no explosion, so my mom told one of the warden's about the bag and we left. Then we saw the guy there still lighting a cigarette! I was like he's going for the 7pm mass! My mom quickly asked me to take a pic of him just in case. After snapping one, he suddenly moved and was following us. SHIT WE'RE CAUGHT. HE'S GOING TO KILL US! I quickly ran into the shopping mall stood at one corner, hid my phone in my mum's bag and just watched that man went to the MRT. 


Now here are some shots we took in the bus! :)
I look ugly in the two pics :x

Well yea, we were that bored! And yes I need to work on my complexion and I looked really ugly in those dam photos. Don't know why I'm even uploading them T.T Oh and do you guys wanna see what I call a casual outfit? It's an ugly picture so yea. CAN'T SEEM TO GET ANY NICE PICTURES TODAY

Won't be posting that on chictopia or lookbook or even enstyle! YIKES! Anyways I would love to give a big shout out to all my blog followers and readers! I LOVE YOU ALL! <3 byee! 

-Ryan :)


  1. Thanks for your comment! I love this orange pants!

  2. Really cool post! Great blog! Your posts keep me coming back for more - it's cos you're amazing!!! Have a great day and a brilliant weekend ahead! Looking forward to more posts from you!

    1. geez!! thank you so much for reading my blog <33!!