Wednesday, 17 April 2013


So, back to blogging again! LOL! I really need the discipline to continue blogging omg. So anyways here's a previous ootd for you people! :)

So, back in Feb, I was asked to model for and Marks & Spencer! It was a really great experience and I really learned a lot on how to model. So here was the outfit I modeled.

Chambray Denim Shirt With Mix Stripe Tee, $130; Oatmeal Cotton Cable Knit Sweater, $79; and Black Mix Irregular Stripe Socks, $20, all Marks & Spencer 

So I mean what can I say! The styling was superbly done by
I really loved this triple denim look.

"what else am I supposed to type"
Oh yea... I suck as a model LOL. They were like "RYAN! DON'T BE SO NERVOUS" and I was like "DUDE I CAN'T"

omg this is so long overdue. Terence is gonna kill me

Peace out

Sunday, 10 June 2012


yeeewhat? :) So finally having time to blog again :)) School's out and I'm back to blogging! Well sort of :x sorry for my previous post, that was just some sort of random rant when I was feeling blue.

So term tests were pretty tricky, I guess I will do relatively normal ( I hope ) for my first three papers and absolutely flunk the last one.
Q: How do you get the elderly to participate more in Society
My A: Pay them


Well, so anyways, went town on friday with tha pig (joey lee) and buffboi (zimri goh)! Bought three shirts :) One from zara and two from dr denim! Will show you one of the Dr.Denim shirts later in this post! We spent about 4 hours shopping (stamina dropped obviously) and we chatted about the most random of things. From how's school to going to which is the best bubbletea shop.

So here's the shirt :)
Oh! In case you didn't know, I shaved my hair :D LOL yeaaa for fun. 

Shirt : Dr Denim ($138)
Singlet : Topman ($33)
Chino: Topman ($73)
Boots : Topman ($189)

Kinda played around with the lighting effects on the photoscape. Anyways I'm lazy to continue. LOL it ryan...anyways yeaaa...I don't know what else to type roflrofl! OhOH just something about this outfit, I like the shirt :) TEEHEE! ;d

God Bless

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Style Icon Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose is the youngest MVP of the NBA. He has a 95million dollar contract going for him. He has also recently graced the cover of GQ magazine. After reading through his interview and looking at the pictures of the photo shoot, D-Rose can safely say he has won a new fan. ME :D

Derrick Rose photos in the shoot were near incredible, which combined a sense of sporty theme in it with a flair of style. Derrick Rose is just one of those athletes in the NBA whose built is just super phenomenal. Even if he didn't make in the NBA, with that build he could have just become an underwear model. I won't highlight every picture of the shoot found in but I would highlight my top 3 favorite ones!

Not breaking a sweat
The sweater with it's striped pattern goes perfectly with the pants he is wearing. I love the little detail on the sweater where a bold white line separates the chest area from the abdomen area. The belt too was strikingly cool with the separate color tone from the top and pants. The suede boots completed this look with absolute perfection. Not too sure about the color though. But never doubt a GQ stylist! HAHA

Like I said, Mr Rose can be an underwear model
See what I mean when D-Rose can be an underwear model, I don't mean it in a degrading fashion, it's just that his body is just too HOT!! *melts x.x Here the collared sweater is from Michael Bastian, which is my new favorite clothing brand!! ( though I can't afford anything from there ) This look seems so effortless but yet so stylish. The jeans are from LV. A simple sweater and a pair of denim. Mr. Rose/stylist pulls it off to perfection.

Blazer and Tee, always wins my heart
I know I am a little biased, k maybe very biased, but a t-shirt blazer combination never fails to impress me or win over my heart. It's just that simple but yet there's that certain element of style behind it. The t-shirt-blazer combination is a fine way of dressing for any press conference after the game or arriving at the arena. Again coming back to it's simplicity but stylish look and detail of the combination. It's not too sloppy and in a way not over-dressing. Sometimes I find NBA players in suits during press conferences a little too far fetched. But for coaches it's a must. Both blazer and shirt comes from Dolce & Gabbana.

Well yeap, my favorite photos from D-rose's shoot for GQ. Kinda upset that his team got knocked out so early in the playoffs. Wasted. Who do ya'll have for winning the championship? I got my eyes on Miami although they do seem vulnerable.

Also! I haven't been blogging or updating my fashion community websites anymore :(( boohooo! This is mainly due to the fact that school has started and I'm really rushing through all my assignments and projects and term tests. HELL. But they say the only way outta hell is through it. I will still drop by my blog once in awhile to respond to comments etc. And I love everyone who drops by my blog and reads it :D 
1 thousand visits! Altho my counter says 750, because it doesn't track recurring visits haha.

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Monday, 16 April 2012

Movie Review ~ Dark Flight

Today's post will be more on a movie and personal standpoint rather than a fashion standpoint! Why don't let my readers know more about my personal life! My friend and I went to watch a movie called Dark Flight. It's a thai horror movie and let's see how my movie critics skills go to work!

So the plot of the movie would be like any other horror or ghost revenge horror movie. Hero/Heroine miraculously survives an ordeal where everyone else dies and the ghost/spirits from the past comes back to haunt her. Well the movie was in Thai and I really love Thai horror movies! They make some of the best horror or gore movies it must be said. But I was kind of disappointed with this one. It's very predictable and it seems like they didn't show most of the gore or violence. ( Yes I am a very sadistic person ) So yes it was very disappointing for their high standards. They also tried to mix it up with some humor especially with the gay guy but it was more towards lame then funny. Although I did find myself laughing at the lameness. The script too was very poor, it was like all of a sudden two stewardess "died" well we didn't even know they died actually. There was a lack of flow in the script to show the demise of the people on the plane. So on a whole this movie was just bad but the company I had was fun!! Don't go and watch it. Don't even buy the DVD!

After the movie, my friend, Gina, was like "Ryan! Why you so calm one?! The whole show you never show any expression at all!" Well I told her, "I'm a very practical person, I'm more afraid of what's real than what's not. ( To me I don't believe in ghosts ) And I said I was more fearful of terrorists than ghosts." And I would like to tell my readers a story.

Probably a month ago, on a Saturday, my mom and I were attending a church service. When we approached the seats, we saw a bag in front of us. So I instinctively thought OH NO A BOMB! My mom told me to wait maybe someone was reserving the seat. I waited until one Indian couple came and they sat at where the bag was, they pointed at the bag and were also wondering whose was it. So I thought, shit it ain't theirs, it must be a bomb! I told mom we should go to the back because when the "bomb" exploded we would be the first to die. Halfway through service, a suspicious looking person with full beard just walked out of mass. He put on a cap and a sunglasses and was headed for the exits. And yea I was like THAT'S THE TERRORIST. And I'm like panic mode "ON" My mom told me to watch him and suddenly he pulled out a cellphone. HE'S GOING TO DETONATE THE BOMB. I quickly grabbed my mum and followed him I kept telling her he was going to flee the scene before setting off the "bomb" So...We followed him to the bus stop, there he stopped and lighted a cigarette and he just stood there. So for a moment my fears were calmed and we went back for mass. After mass ended, there was still no explosion, so my mom told one of the warden's about the bag and we left. Then we saw the guy there still lighting a cigarette! I was like he's going for the 7pm mass! My mom quickly asked me to take a pic of him just in case. After snapping one, he suddenly moved and was following us. SHIT WE'RE CAUGHT. HE'S GOING TO KILL US! I quickly ran into the shopping mall stood at one corner, hid my phone in my mum's bag and just watched that man went to the MRT. 


Now here are some shots we took in the bus! :)
I look ugly in the two pics :x

Well yea, we were that bored! And yes I need to work on my complexion and I looked really ugly in those dam photos. Don't know why I'm even uploading them T.T Oh and do you guys wanna see what I call a casual outfit? It's an ugly picture so yea. CAN'T SEEM TO GET ANY NICE PICTURES TODAY

Won't be posting that on chictopia or lookbook or even enstyle! YIKES! Anyways I would love to give a big shout out to all my blog followers and readers! I LOVE YOU ALL! <3 byee! 

-Ryan :)

Friday, 13 April 2012

Raglan Anybody?

This will be my second outfit post on my blog! I don't usually wear raglan tees but I decided to wear one for my photos the other day! Raglan tees are very common in my country now and that's one of the reasons why I don't wear it often. I got my raglan tee from Hong Kong and it's very special to me! I bought it using my own money and it was the only thing that was within my budget. HAHA. I can't remembered how much it cost but all I remembered I used the remainder of my money to buy it. 

To me personally, I don't find anything special about raglan tees. To me it looks like a very normal tee just with colored sleeves. Usually raglan tees are worn just by itself. What I mean is, you don't add a second layer of clothing on to it. This will hide the colored sleeves and lose the entire purpose of wearing a raglan tee! 

Raglan Tee - Ice Fire
Jeans - April 77
Belt - ??!!!! ( FORGOT )
Shoes - Ren Ben ( Korea brand? )
Dog Tag - 77 Street 

Also I would like to ask my readers one question! My school is starting in about a week's time and I was wondering whether to go into school with my hair colored like how it is currently or go into school with black hair. Do comment your suggestion in the comments pleaseee!! Thank you for taking time to read this post and god bless you all and have a wonderful day ahead! :D


Thursday, 12 April 2012

Dating Tips ~ Boys

So today's post will be for the boys, for what to wear, prepare and do on a date. I might make a girls version of this, if I can :x

So boys, what do you usually wear on a date? Well for me, I have never been on a date. So I can't show you what I actually wore :p HAHA! It actually depends on what type of date you're going. If you're going on a candlelight date you can't be expected to wear t-shirt and shorts. And when you're going for a movie date you shouldn't go and wear blazers.

Outfit 1 - Casual
Head out in a tee paired with your most favorite denim together with a vest and you're all ready to bring your girl out. I like this outfit personally because here the weather is hot and the vest provides a stylish second layer of clothing without making you sweat much. It gives you the edgy-ness in your outfit making you seem like the casual type but yet still knowing how to dress up when the occasions seems right. Not doing too much nor too little for a movie or stroll around town kind of date.

Outfit 2 - Formality with a tinge of casualness 

You want to dress up for a date no doubt about that. But you don't want to overdo it. Girls do get kind of timid when a guy dresses more fancily than her especially on a first date! So what you want to do here is to rock a very casual look just throwing the element of a blazer on top. This gives you the kind of coolness which girls love about boys. Do this only when bringing your girl out to a high end restaurant to dine. 

Well the main idea of the date is to keep it as casual as possible but yet maintain an image of formality. Like I've said don't overdo it. Don't wear suits and ties if possible on a first date. Also wear clothes that fit perfectly, you don't want to keep adjusting a too tight pants all the time or look so slouchy wearing an oversized tee, which will also make you look fat. 

How to Prepare for a date
- Wash up
- Clip your nails
- Fresh Breath
- No crumpled clothing
- Put a little bit of cologne
- Buy a small little gift

What to do on a date
So on a date, what you really want to do is be confident. Act like yourself and nothing but yourself. Make it less awkward by cracking jokes or talk about stuff that both of you like. 
Oh and most importantly, pay for her please. Just for that one date.
You want to be as gentlemen-ly as you can. Don't go there and be some jerk -.-' Girls take every little thing seriously and dating is no small business to them. If you don't score on your date, you can kiss a relationship goodbye :)


Picture Credits - Google :)

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A Very Sensitive Topic ~ Looks

So, today I thought I would touch on a topic that is very sensitive to everyone - Looks! So many people naturally want to look beautiful and handsome. It's like everybody's dream right? Correct me if I'm wrong. But well, God didn't make all of us to look beautiful or handsome if not this world would be a boring place. We each have our different unique features that separate us from one another. Some maybe better off than others.

So how do you define good-looking? To every individual the definition of how good a person looks may differ. To me personally, a good looking guy would have to be neat and clean, have nice hair, nice eyes, a nice chin and a very good looking body. ( Sadly I have none of these ) While to me a good looking girl has to have a nice smile, beautiful eyes, nice cheeks, nice hair and nice eyelids. So like I say, you may or may not agree with me but really, beauty is REALLY in the eye of the beholder.

So, how do you look beautiful? Two easy steps. You want to look beautiful, just follow these two easy steps. YES TWO STEPS.

1- Have confidence in yourself.
YES!!! IT'S BEEN REPEATED OVER AND OVER AGAIN BUT IT'S TRUE! YOU MUST HAVE CONFIDENCE TO FEEL BEAUTIFUL! Don't care if people call you ugly or whatever nasty comments, as long as you think you're beautiful that's perfectly fine! But don't be OVER CONFIDENT! Over confidence like I told my brother many times can be your biggest downfall.
So how do you gain confidence? Confidence I BELIEVE is gained through your popularity. To me, when a person like my look, hype, vote or whatever it gives me confidence. Lets face it, how many of you look into the mirror and see your face and say YES I AM BEAUTIFUL. If you do, please PLEASE comment! But for some people, once their popularity reaches a maximum it goes into over confidence mode and yea. Also, very important, you must be able to take constructive criticism in your way. Like for example, if I say hey you're ugly, you can't for the rest of your life keep thinking OH NO Ryan said I'm ugly. NO! Improve yourself, find out where you can improve and work on it :)

2- Do not get jealous
It's important not to get jealous of other people's looks. You can admire them like OMG HE'S HOT!!! But not to the extend like I wish I had his eyes etc etc. If that's the case, you will never be satisfied with your looks. There will always be someone more beautiful than the hottest person you think exist. Unless you think the most beautiful thing that exist is God. Be grateful for whatever you have or whatever you are going to receive, don't go wishing for too much. Because some wishes do come true.

So, you might think that hey looks ain't important! It's more about the character man. Well I can say yea it's true, for a relationship to last it's more about the inside than out. But what makes you want to get into a relationship with her ---- wrong ------ what makes you even want to know her in the first place. It can't be oh because she has a nice heart. NO RIGHT? You haven't even talked to her x.x Like Marvin once told me, before you buy a car, what makes you want to test drive the car? But what eventually makes you want to buy the car?

I know I am not good looking, like many people tell me I'm just average. But I have changed a lot since June 2011. If you ever want to know how I looked in the past, do find my previous facebook account and that's where all the old pictures are. Like my friend yanling said, "Ryan you're ugly, you need to change your specs, work on your hair and fashion style." So I did, I changed my specs, changed my hairstyles and fashion sense! But I am happy with the way I look now, okay maybe needing some improvements but I am pretty satisfied with how I look. So yea, do drop a comment if you feel like you could contribute to this post or you feel insulted by this post ( sorry if you do ).

Peace and God Bless :)


Monday, 9 April 2012

Color Trend - Pastel Aqua

Well the trend right now is pastel colors or really bright and captivating colors, and for today I thought I will do a post about pastel aqua! 

Aqua to me is a very calming and peaceful color and fun. The bright blue really reminds me of the sky, and the majesty of it. 

Well, to be honest, I don't really see many people in Singapore wearing pastel aqua. ( So sad ) Maybe they find the color too bright or really hard to match? Or maybe it's just really hard to find aqua colored clothing? hmmm....

Aqua goes well with neutral colors perfectly. Not only black but white as well. The black really complements the bright aqua shade and gives it a very electric feel to it. White on the other hand gives it a more subtle more calmer tone.

Pastel Aqua would also go very well with pastel colors. Especially colors such as pink and yellow. These really brightens up your outfit, adds a sort of bubbly energy and "color pop" to your outfit! 

Well there are many combinations to go with your aqua clothing. Try experimenting with it add a little bit of red or lavender and see how it goes! Also aqua reminds me a little bit of the ocean so maybe your outfit could be based on the colors of the ocean! 

Picture Credits - Lookbook
                        - Google