Sunday, 10 June 2012


yeeewhat? :) So finally having time to blog again :)) School's out and I'm back to blogging! Well sort of :x sorry for my previous post, that was just some sort of random rant when I was feeling blue.

So term tests were pretty tricky, I guess I will do relatively normal ( I hope ) for my first three papers and absolutely flunk the last one.
Q: How do you get the elderly to participate more in Society
My A: Pay them


Well, so anyways, went town on friday with tha pig (joey lee) and buffboi (zimri goh)! Bought three shirts :) One from zara and two from dr denim! Will show you one of the Dr.Denim shirts later in this post! We spent about 4 hours shopping (stamina dropped obviously) and we chatted about the most random of things. From how's school to going to which is the best bubbletea shop.

So here's the shirt :)
Oh! In case you didn't know, I shaved my hair :D LOL yeaaa for fun. 

Shirt : Dr Denim ($138)
Singlet : Topman ($33)
Chino: Topman ($73)
Boots : Topman ($189)

Kinda played around with the lighting effects on the photoscape. Anyways I'm lazy to continue. LOL it ryan...anyways yeaaa...I don't know what else to type roflrofl! OhOH just something about this outfit, I like the shirt :) TEEHEE! ;d

God Bless


  1. hey! nice blog! i loooove the backround!
    would you like to follow each other?

    1. I followed you :D enjoyy reading your blog as well!! :-)