Saturday, 26 May 2012

Style Icon Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose is the youngest MVP of the NBA. He has a 95million dollar contract going for him. He has also recently graced the cover of GQ magazine. After reading through his interview and looking at the pictures of the photo shoot, D-Rose can safely say he has won a new fan. ME :D

Derrick Rose photos in the shoot were near incredible, which combined a sense of sporty theme in it with a flair of style. Derrick Rose is just one of those athletes in the NBA whose built is just super phenomenal. Even if he didn't make in the NBA, with that build he could have just become an underwear model. I won't highlight every picture of the shoot found in but I would highlight my top 3 favorite ones!

Not breaking a sweat
The sweater with it's striped pattern goes perfectly with the pants he is wearing. I love the little detail on the sweater where a bold white line separates the chest area from the abdomen area. The belt too was strikingly cool with the separate color tone from the top and pants. The suede boots completed this look with absolute perfection. Not too sure about the color though. But never doubt a GQ stylist! HAHA

Like I said, Mr Rose can be an underwear model
See what I mean when D-Rose can be an underwear model, I don't mean it in a degrading fashion, it's just that his body is just too HOT!! *melts x.x Here the collared sweater is from Michael Bastian, which is my new favorite clothing brand!! ( though I can't afford anything from there ) This look seems so effortless but yet so stylish. The jeans are from LV. A simple sweater and a pair of denim. Mr. Rose/stylist pulls it off to perfection.

Blazer and Tee, always wins my heart
I know I am a little biased, k maybe very biased, but a t-shirt blazer combination never fails to impress me or win over my heart. It's just that simple but yet there's that certain element of style behind it. The t-shirt-blazer combination is a fine way of dressing for any press conference after the game or arriving at the arena. Again coming back to it's simplicity but stylish look and detail of the combination. It's not too sloppy and in a way not over-dressing. Sometimes I find NBA players in suits during press conferences a little too far fetched. But for coaches it's a must. Both blazer and shirt comes from Dolce & Gabbana.

Well yeap, my favorite photos from D-rose's shoot for GQ. Kinda upset that his team got knocked out so early in the playoffs. Wasted. Who do ya'll have for winning the championship? I got my eyes on Miami although they do seem vulnerable.

Also! I haven't been blogging or updating my fashion community websites anymore :(( boohooo! This is mainly due to the fact that school has started and I'm really rushing through all my assignments and projects and term tests. HELL. But they say the only way outta hell is through it. I will still drop by my blog once in awhile to respond to comments etc. And I love everyone who drops by my blog and reads it :D 
1 thousand visits! Altho my counter says 750, because it doesn't track recurring visits haha.

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