Wednesday, 17 April 2013


So, back to blogging again! LOL! I really need the discipline to continue blogging omg. So anyways here's a previous ootd for you people! :)

So, back in Feb, I was asked to model for and Marks & Spencer! It was a really great experience and I really learned a lot on how to model. So here was the outfit I modeled.

Chambray Denim Shirt With Mix Stripe Tee, $130; Oatmeal Cotton Cable Knit Sweater, $79; and Black Mix Irregular Stripe Socks, $20, all Marks & Spencer 

So I mean what can I say! The styling was superbly done by
I really loved this triple denim look.

"what else am I supposed to type"
Oh yea... I suck as a model LOL. They were like "RYAN! DON'T BE SO NERVOUS" and I was like "DUDE I CAN'T"

omg this is so long overdue. Terence is gonna kill me

Peace out

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