Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A Very Sensitive Topic ~ Looks

So, today I thought I would touch on a topic that is very sensitive to everyone - Looks! So many people naturally want to look beautiful and handsome. It's like everybody's dream right? Correct me if I'm wrong. But well, God didn't make all of us to look beautiful or handsome if not this world would be a boring place. We each have our different unique features that separate us from one another. Some maybe better off than others.

So how do you define good-looking? To every individual the definition of how good a person looks may differ. To me personally, a good looking guy would have to be neat and clean, have nice hair, nice eyes, a nice chin and a very good looking body. ( Sadly I have none of these ) While to me a good looking girl has to have a nice smile, beautiful eyes, nice cheeks, nice hair and nice eyelids. So like I say, you may or may not agree with me but really, beauty is REALLY in the eye of the beholder.

So, how do you look beautiful? Two easy steps. You want to look beautiful, just follow these two easy steps. YES TWO STEPS.

1- Have confidence in yourself.
YES!!! IT'S BEEN REPEATED OVER AND OVER AGAIN BUT IT'S TRUE! YOU MUST HAVE CONFIDENCE TO FEEL BEAUTIFUL! Don't care if people call you ugly or whatever nasty comments, as long as you think you're beautiful that's perfectly fine! But don't be OVER CONFIDENT! Over confidence like I told my brother many times can be your biggest downfall.
So how do you gain confidence? Confidence I BELIEVE is gained through your popularity. To me, when a person like my look, hype, vote or whatever it gives me confidence. Lets face it, how many of you look into the mirror and see your face and say YES I AM BEAUTIFUL. If you do, please PLEASE comment! But for some people, once their popularity reaches a maximum it goes into over confidence mode and yea. Also, very important, you must be able to take constructive criticism in your way. Like for example, if I say hey you're ugly, you can't for the rest of your life keep thinking OH NO Ryan said I'm ugly. NO! Improve yourself, find out where you can improve and work on it :)

2- Do not get jealous
It's important not to get jealous of other people's looks. You can admire them like OMG HE'S HOT!!! But not to the extend like I wish I had his eyes etc etc. If that's the case, you will never be satisfied with your looks. There will always be someone more beautiful than the hottest person you think exist. Unless you think the most beautiful thing that exist is God. Be grateful for whatever you have or whatever you are going to receive, don't go wishing for too much. Because some wishes do come true.

So, you might think that hey looks ain't important! It's more about the character man. Well I can say yea it's true, for a relationship to last it's more about the inside than out. But what makes you want to get into a relationship with her ---- wrong ------ what makes you even want to know her in the first place. It can't be oh because she has a nice heart. NO RIGHT? You haven't even talked to her x.x Like Marvin once told me, before you buy a car, what makes you want to test drive the car? But what eventually makes you want to buy the car?

I know I am not good looking, like many people tell me I'm just average. But I have changed a lot since June 2011. If you ever want to know how I looked in the past, do find my previous facebook account and that's where all the old pictures are. Like my friend yanling said, "Ryan you're ugly, you need to change your specs, work on your hair and fashion style." So I did, I changed my specs, changed my hairstyles and fashion sense! But I am happy with the way I look now, okay maybe needing some improvements but I am pretty satisfied with how I look. So yea, do drop a comment if you feel like you could contribute to this post or you feel insulted by this post ( sorry if you do ).

Peace and God Bless :)


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