Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Style Essentials - The White V-Neck

In my opinion, I believe that the white v-neck tee is one of the most important items to have in your wardrobe. It's perfect to match with anything with any color. Be it black jeans to pink jeans white will always go well with anything. This basic v-neck can be worn plainly just by itself to give it a very casual look or paired up with blazers or jackets. Actually it doesn't really have to be a v-neck cutting. It could also be crew just as long as the plain white design is there.

Well as you might be wondering, why the pictures I used don't feature me in my white v-neck is because I LOST MY WHITE V-NECK -.-' I seriously don't know where it went :x so yea.

1. Paired with blazer and jeans
This model is in a white v-neck with a black blazer and a pair of red denim or chinos. 

This is a type of semi-formal look which is very popular. This replaces the very traditional and sometimes too formal shirt and tie. Relax a little and chill out for going to clubs in this simple but yet stylish way to impress the girls. If you don't have a black blazer there is always other color alternatives such as nude or earthy tone blazers. But these would go better with a darker pair of denim.

2. Paired with a Leather Jacket
This is a very casual but rocking way to dress for your Sunday's heading for town. But sometimes the black leather jacket can get very common. So there are other alternatives to this. The leather jacket can also be either brown or red. A red leather jacket would go better with a mustard color pair of denim and a black supra. :)

3. Paired with a Shirt
There is nothing more simpler than going into your wardrobe, digging out a matching shirt and pants and wear a white tee under it.  

4. Add accessories to your outfit.
Aviators and chains make great accessories to complete your outfit. The white v-neck can be worn plainly with your accessories and a pair of denim and you could already head out to town! This shows how versatile your white tee can be. Ranging from a semi-formal look to a very casual look the white v-neck allows you to choose who you want to be for the day. And this is why every guy should own one. ( I will find it back don't worry! )

-Ryan :)

Picture credits - Pinterest
                      - Google

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