Monday, 2 April 2012

Mr. Preppy

So this will be my first post for the blog. ( well second ) But it's the first fashion post! So it still can be considered the first right? I have a weird sense of typing, it seems like I'm talking to myself so please PLEASE bear with it!

This looked is styled with
 1. Navy Blue Cardigan from Ralph Lauren
 2. White Dress Shirt from Dad's Closet ( LOL )
 3. Black Tie from Z ( Local Store )
 4. Red Stretched Skinny Jeans from Topman
 5. Scouts Shoes ( SERIOUS )
 6. Big Rim Specs from ????

Well as you can see, I'm still new to blogging and this picture and words is so pissing me off. It just doesn't go where I want them to go!

Anyways, this is a very preppy (???) type of look. I tried to add a little color into this look opting for my second cardigan which is this one instead of my black one. Also I decided to spice things up with some color to contrast the blue with some red. And as for you all know, white and black always goes well with anything and they turned out well here too! As for the shoes, I really didn't have a choice, these were the closest I could get to a pair of nice oxfords. So yea :D

Anyways thank you all for reading this post which I think by the way makes no freaking sense LOL! Well it's my first post :x

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