Sunday, 8 April 2012

My Shopping List ( 1 )

So Today I thought I would do a more personal post and not really fashion related. As we all know, ( okay maybe only I know ) the Great Singapore Sale is coming!!!! That means SHOPPING!!! And I am already cutting down on my shopping tremendously just to save for the sale x.x ( It's really hard I tell you ) 

So today I thought I might share my shopping list with you! :) The prices would all be in Singapore dollars. I'm not sure I will include pictures because I'm really sucky at it still :x Oh dear

Ryan's Shopping List
1. Zara Bag
Can't really find the picture of the design I wanted and I didn't snap one at the store. But I'm really eyeing that bag. It may be a little too big for me but it's design is really nice for a hippy student schoolbag. Once I buy it I'll show my readers <3

Cost - 129

2. Zara Jeans 
Once I saw it I fell in love with it. Not really understanding why, but I just loved the fit on the mannequin. I know it will probably not fit me the same but I'm going to have it altered. Also the white color was something that was very unique, it had a certain glow to it! That's why it's number two on my list :)

Cost - 99.90

3. Zara Leather Jacket
I have been eyeing a leather jacket for a very long time. One of the main reasons I don't buy it is because the weather here is way too hot to wear it. Also if you don't wear it often enough the cost of one leather jacket would then be very unreasonable! I mean 199 for something you don't wear much? Like x.x! But But my love for leather jackets makes me just want to buy one. I have been searching the whole island for a RED leather jacket and finally at Zara I found it :)
This is not the only design that I like. I quite like a brown leather jacket and there is one usual black one that really appeals to me! We'll see how it goes! :)

Cost - 199

4. - Zara Tees
You all must be thinking, hey! HOW COME YOU'RE FIRST FOUR ITEMS COME FROM ZARA? Well it's because I don't own anything from zara!!! Yes that's true, I have been into zara shops 100 times but I have never bought anything from there x.x So this time around, I must!!! I really like zara tees now, the material is way better than those of my topman ones! But the cost is more expensive that's why I have been sticking to topman. This time, I plan to not only get plain t-shirts but also graphic t-shirts! Not really a fan of graphic t-shirts because many of them just have lame pictures on it in my opinion. :/ But I really like this graphic tee from zara! ( AGAIN ZARA ) but yes! I really like it!!! <3

Cost - 29.90 - 59.90

5. Topman Skinny Chinos
If you have another store in Singapore that sells skinny chinos as skinny as those in Topman DO DO RECOMMEND THEM TO ME! Been looking all over the island but just can't find anything that rivals the topman chino. ( I'm looking for a cheap bargain too ) For 73 dollars I must say it's pretty worth it! The only thing that has hampered my attempts in getting a chino is that whenever I go shopping there's never a size 28 and length 30 x.x !!! LIKE NEVER?! Okayy maybe sometimes there are times when I see size 28 but it's like NEVER in the color I want :( which is mustard and burgundy!! :o

Cost - 73

STAY TUNED FOR PART 2 OF MY SHOPPING LIST!! Will there be a part 3? :o

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