Thursday, 12 April 2012

Dating Tips ~ Boys

So today's post will be for the boys, for what to wear, prepare and do on a date. I might make a girls version of this, if I can :x

So boys, what do you usually wear on a date? Well for me, I have never been on a date. So I can't show you what I actually wore :p HAHA! It actually depends on what type of date you're going. If you're going on a candlelight date you can't be expected to wear t-shirt and shorts. And when you're going for a movie date you shouldn't go and wear blazers.

Outfit 1 - Casual
Head out in a tee paired with your most favorite denim together with a vest and you're all ready to bring your girl out. I like this outfit personally because here the weather is hot and the vest provides a stylish second layer of clothing without making you sweat much. It gives you the edgy-ness in your outfit making you seem like the casual type but yet still knowing how to dress up when the occasions seems right. Not doing too much nor too little for a movie or stroll around town kind of date.

Outfit 2 - Formality with a tinge of casualness 

You want to dress up for a date no doubt about that. But you don't want to overdo it. Girls do get kind of timid when a guy dresses more fancily than her especially on a first date! So what you want to do here is to rock a very casual look just throwing the element of a blazer on top. This gives you the kind of coolness which girls love about boys. Do this only when bringing your girl out to a high end restaurant to dine. 

Well the main idea of the date is to keep it as casual as possible but yet maintain an image of formality. Like I've said don't overdo it. Don't wear suits and ties if possible on a first date. Also wear clothes that fit perfectly, you don't want to keep adjusting a too tight pants all the time or look so slouchy wearing an oversized tee, which will also make you look fat. 

How to Prepare for a date
- Wash up
- Clip your nails
- Fresh Breath
- No crumpled clothing
- Put a little bit of cologne
- Buy a small little gift

What to do on a date
So on a date, what you really want to do is be confident. Act like yourself and nothing but yourself. Make it less awkward by cracking jokes or talk about stuff that both of you like. 
Oh and most importantly, pay for her please. Just for that one date.
You want to be as gentlemen-ly as you can. Don't go there and be some jerk -.-' Girls take every little thing seriously and dating is no small business to them. If you don't score on your date, you can kiss a relationship goodbye :)


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  1. hey Rayan! yay for finally getting a blog :) I like Outfit #2. A fitted blazer (even when it's a bit overdressed) wins me over EVERY time hehe. And I like your date tips! I'm just like reading everything and nodding LOL

    1. Hahahas yeaa!! I finally decided to make onee! :)) HAHA I'm glad you liked it!! :D hehe

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    1. hahas :) kinda agreed with what you said especially since I'm studying sociology right now :)

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